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We provide Affordable Dental Care, dental implants and general dentistry procedures to tourist while they enjoy a wonderful Mexican DENTAL VACATION at Playa del Carmen!

Dental Tourism in Playa del Carmen

The Riviera Maya is quickly expanding its dental tourism industry with multiple advantages including affordable dental treatments, high quality of services with the benefit of low rates. Many persons do not have dental insurance, spiraling dental costs upwards. Hence, the low costs are a major draw to dental care, with costs falling as low as 40 to 70 percent of other countries costs, though that is not the only reason. Availability of highly skilled and experienced dental surgeons is also one of the reasons for growth of dental tourism in the Riviera Maya. The most popular dental services among Dental Tourist patient are placing of implants, ceramic veneers or teeth whitening.



Why chose Playa del Carmen for a dental tourism destination and chose Dental Care Playacar

Low cost of dentist procedures: The cost of dental implants in Dental Care Playacar is around 40% to 70% of what the costs in others countries. Other dental procedures are also significantly low-priced. International tourists are finding the low costs for dental procedures extremely attractive in our rates.

Quality Service: In Dental Care Playacar our practice, we use high quality materials and modern dental technologies, thereby achieving excellent results. You need not to worry about quality of our dental work because it matches the international standards.

We have a wide range of dental procedures: These include everything from veneers, orthodontic treatment, dental implants, dental crowns & caps, dental bridges, dentures, full mouth restoration and much more.

Extraordinary Dental Vacations: Playa del carmen is known for warm turquoise Caribbean waters, Come and relax at sandy beaches, like Mamitas beach or Maroma beach or just spend a day at fifth Avenue.

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